Friday, November 30, 2007

Lucky to get any picture

This week I'm just feeling lucky to get any picture of either of the cats. Last Saturday due to...well just due to bad things both of the cats ended up needing to have baths. No simple amount of wiping was going to make things better, so into the water they had to go. Water, soap...lots more soap and once again we had fresh smelling clean cats. Okay so they both looked a bit more like drowned rats, but they were clean. Out of the whole thing I only ended up with 4 pretty good scratches, and walked away with the knowledge fresh in my brain about just how very much they HATE water. This week has been a very long one for me though. Eclipse pretty much let it go and is at least some what accepting of my saying her name again. Angel on the other hand, well I'm starting to fear for my life with her. Angel had already made it very clear to me that she wasn't happy when she peed on a sweat shirt just seconds before I picked it up to put it on. She made it even more clear when she decided to beat the heck out of my cell phone from any surface that I have set it on. Last night the worst of it got started though, when she started dive bombing me while I slept. Angel may only weigh 10 pounds but when she lands on your back in the middle of the night between your shoulder blades it gets your attention in a quick way. Today was filled with her knocking things off of anything taller than me when I was walking past, and the very worst for today was her diving off the top of the open front door on me. To bad for my friend that I was on the phone with at the time, because it did make me scream...oh and several choice words flew out of my mouth too. I'm thinking she isn't going to let go of the whole bath thing any time real soon here.

Anyway, it is time for the felines to get together over at Steve's blog again. So don't forget to head on over there and check them all out. Hopefully not all cats of the world are holding a grudge this week.

Everyone have a great weekend!

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