Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little snow on the mountains

What an interesting weekend it has been for weather here. We had mid 70s on Thanksgiving day, mid to low 60s on Friday during the day, and then Friday night the storm rolled in. By about 8 pm we had temperatures in the 40s and rain, lots and lots of rain. Yesterday we didn't seem able to get above 40 all day, and then last night we dropped into the freezing area. So with the valley rain and mountain snow we have had our first winter storm. I love the contrast of the snow on the mountain tops and the brown/green of our valley floor here. For me the snow up on the mountains is just right, since I'm not really all that fond of snow. I'm not all that fond of cold either, which is why I really like living here in Arizona because probably a good 7-8 months of the year we have temperatures higher than 70 degrees. To bad both of the dogs loved the cold and the rain and felt that they needed to go out at least every 20-30 minutes to see just what was going on outside.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and if you ventured out shopping I hope that the crowds played nice. Everyone stay warm for the remainder of the weekend, and have a great week.

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