Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh please no more helicopters!

I am so hoping that the weather just will not work today for any more helicopter flights here. The last couple of days they seem to be doing some kind of training and living in my house has just been so very LOUD! The thumping of the blades has rattled more than a few things off of the walls in my house in the last two days. The old Hall Circle housing that has been empty since December is now the new training area I guess. At least the helicopters I can hear coming, unlike when we lived over on Hall circle a few years ago and the housing area behind us then was empty and being used for training. Nothing like looking out your windows one night and seeing a bunch of shawdows with riffels walking through. Sometimes the things that you see going on while living in military quarters will stop your heart...and I'm just talking about the training things. I will never forget my Mother's reaction one morning while she was visiting us in Hawaii. Across the road from our house was where they would set up the "BIG GUNS" and most days they seemed to be pointed right at our house. My Mom screamed something about needing to get out of the house, and it took us a little bit to get her calmed down, and explain that this was just one of those things that you see on a military post. My best was pointing out to her that it is just like seeing the signs for the gas chamber on base. Or seeing the whole units out on the roads marching in full battle dress with their riffles. Neither did a great job of comforting her, but over the course of the time she was their with us she calmed about seeing all the different things.

What is funny is this week with the helicopters being so busy flying it has reminded me a lot of Hawaii this week. With Wheeler Army Air Field right across the way from where we lived, the helicopters were a daily sound that you just got so used to. Kind of like the sound of gun fire from the ranges all the time. Amazing the things that you can just get used to. But I don't want to get used to the helicopters here this week. Not unless I can have a schedual so that I can make sure to get all of the things off of my walls first!

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