Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Fishy Fish Fish Fishy

Well, my hope of no more helicopters didn't work yesterday, so I had to point the camera at something to keep me from standing and shooting several hundred pictures of those loud annoying things. What better than some very silent swimming animals to help calm the nerves, and a great personal challenge for myself too.
The camera's auto focus was going nuts trying to get focused on anything. I was shooting with the windows right behind and open wide so flooding everything with tons of light. Oh and on macro setting just to make my personal challenge a little more difficult for me. Once I turned the auto focus off...just because I was sure I was about to blow up the camera...getting a good manual focus on just what I wanted was very difficult.

Nami was the fish that I worked with the most, because he seemed to be the one that was most willing to keep coming to the front of his tank to check out what that huge thing was just outside of his tank. He even flared up for me more than once. I kind of like this new challenge that I made for myself and will be trying to get better pictures now. I'm thinking this weekend after I clean the tanks, and not just Nami here. So look out there could be way more of the fishy fish fish fishys.
This is not replacing my Feline Friday for today, actually I'm thinking that I will make this an all animal kind of posting day. Trinity and Mia picture's will be next sometime today and then hopefully the cats will work with me for some feline time. I do have one picture of Eclipse already from yesterday, but she wasn't working with me so well and you cant really see her all that well.
I hope that everyone has a great start to their day, and see you all later with some more of the animals from my little zoo.

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