Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just what are you thankful for?

With Thanksgiving being just six days away, I think it is the perfect time to to toss something out for everyone here. Just what are you thankful for? Now I know that family and friends usually top the list of things that are said, but what about going into more detail then that? Maybe this week we could share the details about why we are thankful for what we are. Family, friends, children, animals, memories, traditions? What are the things that make the holiday for you? For anyone who is reading this post your own on a blog or even in comments. For Thanksgiving this year, let share these things. Let's say that by Wednesday we take a few minutes before the insane cooking gets started to type up the things that make us thankful. Share the good details, the funny, the moments that make the holiday for you.

It is just a thought, because face come Friday when we are all sitting around because of eating to much, we are going to need something to read!

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far, and hope to see some shared thankful thoughts.

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