Thursday, November 1, 2007

Life in the zoo

Mia wanted to show off just how big she is getting here. The top picture is of Mia at 8 weeks old. So cute, little and floppy eared.
This is a picture of Mia tonight, the night before she hits 16 weeks old. Amazing how quickly the last 8 weeks have gone. I'm guessing she may weigh about 15 pounds now, she really loves those treats she gets. Trinity and Mia have settled into a pretty good relationship here in the house. (Most days anyway.) She will be getting her last round of booster shots and her rabies shot on Wednesday next week, and her surgery is already set for November 30th. I'm hoping that sometime soon after that I will be able to remove the border walls that I have had to set up in the house. Our house breaking has been semi slow, and the getting along with other's has taken just a little bit of time too, but I'm hopeful that by the start of the new year it will be a calm life in the zoo here.

Speaking of the zoo...we added two more to the collection here. Male beta fish, Colton and Nami. I'm not real sure why we have to have everything in pairs here but I guess so no one will be lonely. The fish have their home on the shelve over the kitchen sink in the hope that the cats will not notice them here. (Fingers crossed that they just don't notice the new pets in the house.) Since it was such a sudden thing I'm really hoping that they don't die. A quick call made to a friend with a mini zoo of her own going on, and I think I should be able to keep them going, as long as the cats don't get any bright idea's.
We haven't had any great thoughts for topics for the regular posting the last couple of weeks, but we are working on it, so maybe we will be back with Sweetpeag, Cheybug, and Binky Sue next week. I hope that everyone has had a good week, and has a great start to the weekend tomorrow.

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