Monday, November 26, 2007

Cant Chew Forever!!

New bones for the dogs to chew on, to bad Mia just cant keep up with Trinity. Actually that is a good thing or I would have to be out getting new bones on a weekly vs monthly basis. Mia just doesn't understand Trinity and the non stop chewing of the bone thing that she does. Mia tries but there are so many other interesting things to do in the house than just lay there and chew for hours on end. As of right now Trinity's new bone is just about down to the point where Mom picks it up and throws it away. Which just means that she will switch back over to one of the more solid ones laying in the picture and continue to work that one further down. Mia's bone still looks like it did when I took it out of the package this morning. Guess I better find a good hiding spot for it before Trinity thinks she needs to take that one too.

I hope that the week is off to a great start for everyone, may we all have a good one.

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