Monday, November 12, 2007

End of a good weekend

The end of the long weekend for the girls is drawing near here. It has been a great weekend filled with lots of acting goofy, and laughter here in Arizona. This afternoon was the goofiness of Chey and Steph trying to lay on the floor and play with the dogs. To bad the dogs don't really play all that fair, they like to jump on them and lick them till they are laughing so hard it is difficult for them to catch their breath.

I hope the "animals must be in pairs so they have friends" thing has finally reached it's balance. We started with two beta's, and then last weekend it grew to 4 beta's in the house. As of today the total is 8 beta's, and I'm praying that this is done now. Since Paige bought her stuff last week, Steph took the week to figure out just what she wanted and that was all we were going to get today. Well, of course Paige and Chey both saw other one's and started talking about the fact that they were sure that their beta's were lonely and needed to have a fellow beta friend in the room. I could only resist their begging so long, and since we had most of what was needed left over from the first beta's, paying the $1.57 for each of their fish wasn't a big deal...I'm just getting a little tired of this whole in the store whining thing the youngest two have been doing the last couple of weeks. Anyway, now we have Colton and Nanami or Nami for short who now live in the living room. Arthur and Artimis who live in Paige's room. Millo and Kero who live in Chey's room. Rio and Kaito that now live in Stephs room. I cleaned all of the tanks and now the girls know what they are supposed to do and will be cleaning their own tanks, and I'm hoping that I don't have to hear the words "but my beta need a friend in the room" for a good while.

We have had some really perfect weather to go along with the great long weekend here. Today was a little on the cool side with us only seeing a high of about 65, but we are supposed to warm back up again come tomorrow...back into the 80's again. Todd has one more day off, and then will be back to work for a very short week. Me...I'm starting to work on my Thanksgiving list of just what to cook for this year. The most fun part of that one is when I ask family just what pies they want. It always leads to at least a couple days worth of debate between pecan, buttermilk, apple, and pumpkin. No matter what I win with my choice because I'm the one baking them, so every year there is a cherry pie. For some reason they seem to think that every year I need to bake 4 pies for just the 5 of us. Some years they win, and other's they don't. I'm thinking this will be a losing year for them on that one.

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I'm hoping that this week the girls will come up with some topics or just one topic so that I can get back to some regular posting here.

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