Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cat, Cat, Fish?

We have Eclipse watching and tattling on Angel who is watching Colton the beta fish. Oh the fun of having sibling animals! Eclipse didn't like the fact that Angel was sitting so close to the cool things that just swim around in circles in the glass jars. That is her spot to sit and watch these things that don't make any noise. The first things that Mom has brought into the zoo that don't make noise and don't feel the need to chase her. Angel just sat and watched for a good while, and batted at the glass a couple of time, but when there was no fun of a chase happening, she got bored and left. Off to find a dog to play the wonderful chase me game again.

It's time for Feline Friday over at Steve's blog, so head on over there and check out all of this weeks felines.

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