Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking Thursday...A journey to stop smoking

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Please excuse me this morning while I'm a bit of a smarty pants with my choice of picture for my new weekly Thursday post. I had the thought go through my head that I was zooming along with the stop smoking journey and for some reason this picture that I shot earlier in the month of Army Guy's bike came to mind. So just why would I think about his bike and this picture and my stopping smoking? Well, I guess because of the thought it may not look like all that much, but some times looks are deceiving. It might not look like it is going very quickly but when I stop and take a look at the over all it really is. I am again at the two full weeks without smoking a cigarette. When I take a look at the bigger picture though since August 31st I have smoked 5 cigarettes. Wait a minute five, just five? Yeah for someone who has never smoked that number is way to high, but for me and how much I was smoking per day, this is huge! So here I am at week six since starting the medication, 5 weeks since the quit date and I can say that in the last 4 weeks I have had one day with 5 cigarettes. I think I'm doing great!
Alright I will stop with all of the week counts and other crazy number things...oh wait there is still one more number I want to share. That 1 cigarette in the is still sitting in that pack. I think when I finally hit the full month count I'm going to celebrate by throwing it away. Until then though it is going to continue to sit and be my reminder.

I hope that everyone is having a good week and see you again next week for hopefully a post that will make more sense than this one.

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