Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feline, Furball, and Feather's Friday

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This morning brought a major shock to the house and has left everyone pretty upset. When I uncovered the birds this morning I didn't see Puff in her cage. Which of course lead to a frantic search, and then a sudden stop by me to think and go back over to her cage and look. Puff I'm very sad to say has passed away. Looking at everything it looks as if she for some reason tried to curl herself up in a food dish, and possibly smothered herself once getting stuck. There were lots of instant tears in the house since all the girls were out helping to locate her since I had first thought she had gotten out of her cage. Little Bug is taking it very hard since Puff was her little buddy. The girls are going to take the day to deal with the shock of what has happened, and figure just where they would like to take Puff to bury her. Tomorrow may not be much better for girls because I would like to have Puff laid to rest by then. It is an odd day for me since I keep expecting to hear her scream at the other birds about their noise, or to hear the sound of her bells as she chirped into them. Of all of the animals in the house, Puff was the one that was happiest making you smile because of her never ending antics.

I've debated with myself today about putting the link to Carly and Dylan for this week, and I'm going to hold off till next week to post it. It will be a fun post for next Friday to go with the pictures that I was going to use today until the day just went bad. So everyone try to have a good weekend and hopefully things will go better this coming week and I will get back to a normal Feline, Furball, and Feathers Friday post with links.

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Carly said...


Oh hon, I am so sorry about Puff. What a sweet birdie. Please hug the kids for me, and tell them how sorry I am about their loss. Gosh, losing a beloved pet is so hard. I just know my Elvis has already welcomed him over and is right now playing nicely and showing him around. Elvis was a caretaker you know, and he just loved birds. He made all kinds of friends on earth. :) ((((hugs)))