Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sibling Sunday

Oh it is Sunday again and here I am with no picture of any of the siblings. Well, that is not completely true. I have tons of photos of them in archive but not on this hard drive...and I'm being pretty lazy here today...and don't feel like moving to get to a hard drive where I might find a picture or a hundred that could be used. Yes that is my excuse and I'm goind to stick with it!

Anyway for some news about the siblings:
  • Binky Sue is steadily learning to juggle school, work, Lions Club, home work, and new for this week...class room observation. She is starting at her old middle school, and when they remember you by your voice I think it can be said that you made an impact in their memory. Great for Binky Sue is that it was good memories. So she start working on getting her ten hours of middle school observation done. She also has set up with a friend who is getting private tutoring due to back surgey to get her two hours of alternate done. Binky Sue this week also got that first pay check and that feeling comes with the very first one. So all in all things are going pretty well for Binky Sue right now.
  • Sweetpea this week was just pretty calm life wise for the most part. Well at least until report card was put in Mom's hand on Friday. I don't think I'm going to get into that one here at all other than to say we talked. Photography class for Sweetpea this week had her developing her first roll of film and with mistakes made good lessons were learned. I haven't seen any of the pictures, but I am hoping to see some soon since I love seeing how she views the world. Oh and that dreaded announcement order stuff landed in my house for this year! Good grief just so not sure I'm ready for all the fun of that order of announcements, caps, and gowns brings with the school. Before Thanksgiving break is the due date though, and I'm going to have to be ready no matter what.
  • Littlebug was pure clumsy Littlebug this week. Crutches for the 5th time in her 14 years. It is the 4th time injuring her left ankle and I'm wondering if it is just more prone to injury because of how many times she has already hurt it. This was yet again a gym injury, you know the same class that brought us emergency room tag, and Littlebug won because she got to make a trip to the ER. Oh all the great times she has had in gym, and I personally can not wait for this class to be OVER! Due to changes for the freshmen this year, she thankfully will only have to take 1 semester of gym, and then I swear I'm never letting her anywhere near one again! Well, at least not until she is grown up and moved out. Two weeks of solid crutches use and then probably 2 more weeks with air splint. I guess the second base plate meant bussiness. Oh and yes Littlebug also had a report card come home on Friday, and I'm not going to say more than we talked.
Now to be fair to Sweetpea and Little Bug for the most part they had good report cards, it is just for one there is a huge problem in the making and for the other one it was basically that straw that just snapped the back because of seeing same words on hers.

Alright I think that is it for this week. I will try to make sure and get a new picture of all three of the girls together for next week. I hope that everyone has had a great weekend, and that there is a great week ahead for all of us.

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littlebug said...

actually this is the 6th time on crutches 2 in sixth 2 in seventh 1 in eight and this year makes 6