Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thinking Thursday...A journey to stop smoking

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Another week done, and I'm now at 3 weeks of not smoking. I saw Ms. K. A. for what will be my last time and got my month 3 of medicine. After the third month it is up to me if I want to stay on the medicine or not and does not require having to see her to get it because there are refills on this one. She was very happy with my progress and said I should just be counting it as a 5 weeks of not smoking. I pointed out to her that just wouldn't be honest because there is that one day in there. Next Thursday will be the start of the third month pack of medicine and I can honestly say that I may not continue with it much past that. The good thing is that once I'm done with the third month, I can choose to drop the dosage that I take daily after that or just drop it entirely. Thinking down the road has me debating dropping to just one pill a day and see if any of those sneaky urges come back, and then drop from there. I'm getting to far ahead of myself on that though and it is better to stay focused on just one day at a time. So three weeks and I'm going to give myself a great big YAY ME! Next week will be my big milestone...the first time to ever reach the one month mark. Heck I may have to throw a party or something...oh wait that is Little Bugs birthday so there will be a party already. : )

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and I'm sorry about the lack of brand new photo's and spars posting but there have been lots of things going on which I may or may not post about at some point in time. Have a wonderful Thursday and hopefully I will get busy working on a photo for Feline and Furball Friday before midnight tomorrow.

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