Friday, October 9, 2009

A short delay

I'm sorry but there is just going to be a short delay for Feline, Furball and Feather's Friday. I promise by tomorrow night I will have it posted. Today has just gotten away from me because of Army Guy having a bone marrow biopsy done, which meant up very early and on the road because just about everyone likes it an hour and a half away from here. Then trip back and local errand running, oh yeah and talking to girls about what is going on and when we will get preliminary diagnosis. Which means for anyone who might be waiting to hear from me that there where no results other than blood work and the bone marrow biopsy will tell the whole story.

Since this is turning into a post about Army Guy anyway, just let me tell everyone that he did great. I'm sure that he was, is, and is going to continue to be in a good deal of pain...but he had that doctor and nurse trying so hard not to laugh and then finally giving into laughter. Yes I was in the room with him for the procedure and really pray that is not something that he ever has to do again. For that matter no one I know needs to ever have that test done. I was in awe of Army Guy today, oh and I managed to not cry for him during it.

Anyway, I will get a picture of one of the many animals and get the Friday post up tomorrow. Tonight I'm just to tired, and probably have to many thoughts running through my mind. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Friday, and this weekend I hope there is lots of time spent with those you love and remember to laugh lots.

Update: As of Tuesday October 27th all but one of the bone marrow test had come back normal. Meaning no cancer cells, and no myeloproliferative disorders. Just don't ask me to explain what it is that is going on with Army Guy's blood.

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