Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sibling Sunday

Little Bug and Sweetpea, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I'm glad that I caught this picture late Friday night when there was some goofing around going on, because Little Bug really has lost her happy this weekend. Friday marked the end of the first quarter and for these two it means Fall Break Time! They will be off this whole week, and Little Bug was very happy about that because her birthday is this week. She very skillfully negotiated her way into having a boy/girl party, and the invitations were delivered Friday.

Sweetpea is just happy to be done with projects and have the whole week to do nothing. This last week saw the arrival of the ever dreaded cap, gown, and announcements order stuff. November is the deadline once again to have it all ordered and I'm so happy that they not only raised their prices, but the shipping and handling fees, and the taxes! Gosh we are so lucky! Speaking of things senior year related...I'm going to need family and friends to start giving thought to what portraits you want of Sweetpea. If I missed sending you a link to them let me know and I will correct that. I really would like to see her senior portraits go out sooner than what I did last year.

Binky Sue...well she is done with her math class and couldn't be happier about that if she tried. I think next term she may make sure that the math class she is in isn't accelerated. She worked her first shift this past Friday and was exhausted when I got there to pick her up. She is happy with her schedule for the next week though and looking forward to getting that first pay check.

Other than that there really isn't to much else about the siblings, but that is way more than I've really had in a while about each of them. I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful Sunday surrounded by those you care the most about.

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