Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Days Left

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With only two days left till Sweetpea and Little Bug make their return to school, I feel as if we should get out of the house for one last adventure. Sadly this summer just has not been filled with to many of those, and it doesn't look like the last two days will be either. Monsoon seems to have forgotten that it is in fact monsoon time and the temperature is heading back over 100 again today. The irritating part is that usually it is the rains that brings the higher humidity, but for some reason this year even without rain we are having 40% plus humidity. Don't go laughing at me because of that one, I like the dry heat that is Arizona, and wish it would either return or at least rain so that the humidity would make more sense.

Army Guy is out this morning getting some clearing things done, and by this afternoon should be on the final stage leading up to retirement. He has ultrasound of his carotid artery Thursday, and appointment with cardiologist August 25 to see if they can figure out what was up with a couple of tests during his final medical exam, which for right now will put that final signature for that on hold, but he will still be able to do today's clearing and release. Of course he had to go into to talk to them about it and it took a powwow of three people to figure out if he could or not. He has put in several resumes for job postings that closed as of last Friday, so hopefully coming up here soon he will start hearing from someone. There is probably more that I could post about this topic but I'm not going to because is simply makes my head start to swim with all the other things that need to be done. It is enough to say that there is progress being made on all fronts.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a good week so far, and staying as cool as possible with the summer temperatures.

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