Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunny Thoughts

IMG_6665, originally uploaded by torri_g.

My search for a field full of these flowers has failed this year. Without the usual high amounts of rain during the monsoon they just don't exist this year. Or at least not anywhere that I have found. Probably for the best though really, because yesterday dealing with trying to get around this one scratched up one of my arms pretty good. My thoughts though were if I can't find a field full of them at least I was able to find one with lots of activity going on with it.

Probably no time for pictures today since I have another busy day in my car planned. There is the back and forth to school for Binky Sue, an eye appointment for me, and an appointment for Army Guy and I this afternoon and then another Binky Sue class this evening. Wait I could take the camera and just shot pictures from my car since that is where I'm spending a very good share of my time this week!

I hope that everyone enjoys a great Wednesday.

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