Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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Well, the routine of the school year is back for two of the three siblings here. Sweetpea and Little Bug were very happy to see the weekend come after two hectic days of school. Little Bug is loving being in high school so far, but I think the schedule of it is kicking her butt already. However, after a summer vacation spent staying up very late and sleeping half of the next day away, having to get up at 0515 would probably kick anyone's behind. She is enjoying it though because she is now part of the group with tales about how the day went at the high school.

Sweetpea's first day had her coming through the door in the afternoon with a great big slamming of the doors. If you live in this house you know that means that she is mad. Actually as Mom I usually know that it means a level beyond mad. Once I got her calmed down enough to talk I found out that she had a great day in her first five periods, it was the sixth period that brought the anger. It is a young man that has been a bit of a stalker since 8th grade, and he just happens to be in her sixth period class. Since they are both seniors this year I'm personally blown away by the odds that he is in the one elective class with her and none of the other senior classes. There was talk of dropping the class, but I know my Sweetpea, without so form of artistic type class on her schedule, this year could be one of the longest on record. It is her photography class that is in question here since she decided to not take a fourth year of art, because of her favorite art teacher leaving prior to the budget and teacher cuts that have taken place. Sweetpea has always needed the artistic outlet to get through a day at school with all of the other classes she needs to take, so there has been a lot of conversation between her and I about how to deal with having this young man in that class. She has had to deal with this every year since 8th grade and is actually very good at it, but it just isn't going to change the fact that it angers her. Hopefully with this week being a full week of school and everyone moving into a state of getting moving with instruction, maybe she will get "focused" on the art of the class and be able to just ignore the fact that he is there. But someone better not aim their camera in her direction because this is still my Sweetpea that we are talking about. She may be little but she is one tough little cookie really.

Binky Sue seemed to be going through withdrawal without her sibling here. I think she felt a little strange being the one that had no place to go with the start of school. Her job searching is still finding her nothing right now, but she has enough applications in at places that at some point in time something has to work out. This week we head over to get her books for the fall term, and next Saturday is orientation. Her classes start the 17th, and I'm sure she will not feel so left out of the learning game then.

I think that is about it for this entry. I hope that everyone is enjoying a great weekend spending time with those you care about most.

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