Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Catching Up

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Because of running on Friday, running on Saturday, running on Sunday and then the collapse of I refuse to do anything more, I'm going to play some catch up here today. Let me start with saying that Sweetpea and Little Bug are settling into the routine of school nicely and now that we finally got the last of the requested supplies, I should be done for at least a week or maybe more if I'm really lucky!

Binky Sue had her first freshman college class this morning, and with just that one class under her belt she came home and said that she was exhausted and needed a nap! Binky is very glad that we finally found out just how to access her scholarship fund from the Lions Club last week, and were able to get all of her books on Friday to the tune of $446.00. However, with her whole first year paid for by scholarships there is much happy dancing going on around here.
I know that I have mentioned here that Binky Sue was invited to be a honorary member of the Lions Club that gave her the scholarship, and that she has enjoyed attending the meetings, and even had an idea for how to advertise. I think I mentioned that the idea was well liked by the members and even promised to share pictures. Well, that is what this picture is for finally. It is a tee shirt design using the colors purple and yellow, and done with a youthful approach for the top one, and a more mature (doesn't make you ask how to pronounce a word) for the lower one. The vest was presented to her a couple of meetings ago and is part of what is required to wear to the meetings. This Saturday though, Binky Sue spent the day in Safford, Arizona for a cabinet meeting of the Lions Club. Her favorite comment coming from the president for the state of Arizona's Lions Club "Wow! You are young!" Binky Sue is the youngest member of the Lions Club of Arizona in the last 20 years. The local Lions club got to show off their young member, she got to show off her idea, and the day sounded as if it was a great one. Binky Sue is enjoying learning all about the club and their good work, and looking forward to being a part of it for the next two years. Now she just has to come up with some youthful ways of fund raising that don't require a lot of man power. (Hmmm...thinking about it now maybe there is an Aunt that could give some idea's on that one.)

There is probably tons more that I could type about, but I will spare you all of that. Binky Sue did point out that if you have the "Heart of a Lion" you should check out your local Lions Club. I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that there is a wonderful week ahead for all of us.

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Mom of 5 Gents said...

Hmmmm... My best advice is to remember that people give to people, not causes. The best thing you can do to raise funds is to have everyone open their mouths to talk about why they love the organization and why it is important to them. If they share their passion for the group and ASK for a donation, others will open their wallets and give the $.