Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great News Kind of Day

It is late and I don't have a picture to share that would come anywhere close to showing how I feel at what is the near the end of today. Binky Sue had her appointment with GYN today and the possibility of PCOS was quickly removed. She does have one good sized cyst on the right side, but that is all. We learned something about the people that read the ultrasounds of the ovaries today, and it seems that they tend to refer to just about everything as a cyst...even if it happens to be eggs! Binky Sue is starting treatment for the cyst and has a follow up appointment in three months. Binky Sue is very happy and feels so much better knowing just what is going on and how she is going to be treated for it.

Today was also an appointment for Army Guy. This was the one with the cardiologist and I'm very happy and oh so pleased to say that he will not be using any of the three follow up appointments that were authorized with the referral. His heart is perfectly fine, perfect, wonderful, good, healthy. Pick a word that you like best and go with it. His heart is working exactly how it is supposed and the people that did the first EKG really should probably go back to school and learn to do a better job and not scare the life out of people! Alright I feel much better now getting that off of my chest.

Like I said, it was a great news day for two of the people that I love dearly. I hope that everyone had a great news kind of day or at the very least a great day spent with the people that you love dearly.

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Christy said...

I love to read about great news!! I am very happy for all of you!