Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting out

IMG_6633, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yesterday Binky Sue, Army Guy and I got out of the house and headed out to Parker Canyon Lake. Lots of things to photograph out there so I have a couple of days worth of new pictures. Binky Sue located this tiny little horn toad for me, and then took several minutes trying to get me to see it. To bad her eyes didn't work as well while walking the trail so she could have missed tripping of the big rock. Don't worry though the only she hurt was her pride about not seeing the big rock that tripped over. Army Guy picked the flowers while he waited for Binky Sue and I to return from our adventure down the dirt and rock trail, so of course we had to get that in the picture too.
Thinking about maybe heading out again today and see if I can capture pictures of butterflies out in Huachuca Canyon to go with the tons of dragon fly pictures from yesterday.

I hope that everyone has a good Wednesday.

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