Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sibling Sunday

I think I have gotten most of the mind clutter cleared out and feeling a little more back on track now. The problem...well one to many what if's and one to many wait for answers on things. Sometimes those are my worst down falls.

Anyway, let me play some catch up about the girls here instead of myself. I posted about Army Guy and Little Bug with school registration earlier in the week. Friday was Sweetpea and Mom at registration, and I have to say that it wasn't all that horrible. Oh don't get me wrong those lines were still terrible, but we only spent an hour and fifty eight minutes having to stand in them. Which with Sweetpea is a record low, and while we were walking back out to the baking in the sun car, there was a bit of a happy dance being done. For the very first time there wasn't any mistakes made on Sweetpea's schedule and it was just the stand in line and wait to get things done. The added bonus about senior registration is the photographers pushing their fliers at you trying to get your business. Parents were polite about for a little while, but after standing in line for 30 minutes and having the same person trying to push a flier in their hand 3-4 times some parents started to lose it. The photographers have tables in the main entrance, and to leave registration you have to walk right past them. Of the six that were there only one stayed right at her table, and I can tell you that she was the one that had the most people stop by to pick up information. I can understand wanting the business and being pro-active in trying to get it, but when parents are forced to spend upwards of 2-3 hours standing in line trying to get this done, no one is thinking about those senior portraits and really just want to be left alone! I think the best was the one who was told that portraits were already done, and the photographers response was "Well take this anyway because maybe you will want to have them shot again but by someone better this time." At which point in time the parent that was said to dropped the flier to the ground and got the attention of one of the teachers in the area to complain and ask that she be made to leave the area. However, that is my most interesting tale from registration this year.
So Sweetpea and Little Bug are all ready to head back to school this Thursday now. They did the walk about yesterday so Little Bug will at least have an idea of where her classes are located, and the school supplies have been bought. Four more days and another fun filled school year gets started.

Binky Sue...well I've got a bit to share about her this week. Binky Sue's advertising idea for the Lion's Club went over very well this week. She is showing them already that she wants to be an active part of the club, and has some very good idea's. They are looking for ways to increase their membership, and advertising is always a big part of that for anyone. They had talked about doing buttons, and while listening to talk of that Binky Sue had a different idea which she then asked for help designing and putting together samples to show. They are t-shirts and from the sound of it the idea was a huge hit. We put together printed samples of several different ways they could look, and she had two completed t-shirts done for the meeting. She did a youthful approach and a more mature and they liked them a lot. After the meeting this week we did some small edit changes for final look and she already has a couple of t-shirts here to put the transfers onto before the next meeting. To say that she was excited would be a great understatement about what she was when she got home. She has been invited to travel with them for another meeting coming up to show the idea off. YAY Binky Sue!
Now for the medical update about Binky Sue that kept a good share of this week filled with stress for her, and me trying to calm her down. Last September/October Binky Sue was hit with some extreme pain in her lower abdomen/pelvic area. Several trips to the doctor later they said it was probably her right ovary and it would pass...and it did. Then it returned in November, and passed, returned in January, and I think you get the idea. June brought the return of the pain, and this time it isn't going away. So an appointment was made to hopefully get someone to run the right tests and see just what is going on. Binky Sue got that with a P.A. that we will call Mr. KP. The same day as her appointment he put in for a ton of lab tests, an ultrasound for that same afternoon, and a referral to Ob/Gyn specialist. After a week of waiting for a phone call with test results Binky Sue got her first answers on Friday afternoon. Her final will wait till she meets with the specialist later in August, but right now what everything is pointing to is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom. She has numerous cysts in both ovaries, with a large one in right side measuring 2.4 cm and largest one in left measuring 1.7 cm. She has been upset because of the never ending pain that she is in, and she was upset to find out that it wasn't just the one side. She was caught off guard that they found it in both sides. However, she is doing better now at least having an idea where the diagnosis may be heading when she finally gets to see the specialist August 25th.

So that is the sibling update. It has been one heck of a week here in Arizona. I am going to try to get back to getting some picture's to post on here, oh and if you are family or close friend and haven't gotten an invitation to view Sweetpea's senior portraits let me know. I'm slowly finding out that there were some people that I missed with the first round of e-mails that I sent out. I hope that everyone has a enjoyed a weekend filled with laughter and time with those you care about the most. I also hope that there is a good week a head waiting for all of us.

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