Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just because

IMG_6605, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yes I'm posting another picture of one of the girls from Sunday. No I didn't rotate this picture to be like this, I shot it on purpose to look like this. Why? Because sometime listening to Sweetpea talk about things makes your head spin and gives you the feeling of something being off with the world. Her thing this week is talking about how her photography class is making her feel like she is back in pre-school, and yesterdays one class period was about equal to 3 years of pre-school. It is because the room is bright and cheerful, and anyone who knows Sweetpea, knows how she just can not stand that. Bright and cheerful is very annoying to Sweetpea, and I'm starting to wonder if she is going to stay in this class past this week now. Her mood seems to have been set with the first day, and it is just slowly going down hill from there. My only hope is that they start doing some actual work with camera's and distract her from the rest of it. Having Sweetpea in a mood with a class this early in the year is never a good thing.

I hope that everyone has a good Tuesday, and hopefully I will have some new pictures tomorrow since I thinking about running away from home today. My fingers are crossed that I mange to do just that.

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