Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Small happy dance

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If I could get back out to the John Slaughter Ranch today, I swear I would want to ring this triangle in celebration! One more trip out to the college yesterday and Binky Sue was able to walk away from the financial aid desk without being handed yet more paper work! WooHoo! Yes, I'm doing the happy dance here. For her grant we had an April 30th deadline with a small list of things to have done. Which then turned into a large list of things. (Of course since there was no fine print we couldn't be prepared for that.) But it is done, and Binky Sue was finally able to make it over to the registration desk and is now registered for her fall classes. We still have a financial aid orientation class to attend, and she has to get her diploma and transcripts to the ever dreaded financial aid desk, but that will all happen after May 21st and her graduation. Binky Sue is very excited about being done, and I am very proud of her for doing the last of this completely by herself.
After the back and forth of Binky Sue and this year I happy to see that she has set her feet on the path that she wants to follow after graduation. I'm trying to avoid being the emotion Mom, but I think since we are just a day away from entering the month of May that is not going to work so well for me. As of today we are 23 days away from graduation and Binky Sue is already set to start college on the 17th of August. There is so much to get through in the next couple of weeks, honors recognition next Monday, the scholarship assembly the following Monday, a very busy senior week leading up to graduation night. Today Army Guy is taking Binky Sue to meet with someone about a summer intern job here on base, and I'm just proud of my baby girl for all the steps that she is taking. For someone who started the school year screaming that she wasn't ready, she sure looks like she is more than ready for it now. Now she can focus on getting that 150 page senior English project done. Great job Binky Sue! Maybe when you get home from school today you can join me in doing a little bit of a happy dance.

I hope that everyone has a good Wednesday.

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