Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Pedro Riparian

IMG_4632, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Another picture from being out exploring this week. The area down by the San Pedro is beautiful and if you like watching birds or trying to photograph birds this is the area to head to. Or at least one of the many areas that I know to head to. Walking through and seeing so many humming birds was wonderful since they are one of my favorite birds to try to photograph. Then again pretty much every area around here right now has large number of humming birds back again.

We are taking a strange weather twist for the Easter weekend yet again this year, and since the winter advisory that we are under is calling for snow level to drop to 6000 feet, I'm hoping that sometime this weekend I will be able to take some snow on the mountain pictures. I hope that everyone has a great Saturday, and if I finally get around to it I will get up a feline, furball or feather's post for the week.

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