Monday, April 6, 2009

Simple Happiness

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We had our first session with the trainer this Saturday, and I happy to say that Mia did a wonderful job. Both the trainer and I were concerned about how Mia would react with all the distractions of being at the dog park, but we quickly figured out that she really could care less about any other dogs. Hmm...that means that it is solely a Trinity issue that needs to be worked on. Everyone in the house now knows several of the things that seem to trigger Mia into going after Trinity and we are all working of either avoiding those things or trying to change approach to how they are dealt with. Mia's exercise time has already increased in the past few weeks, and is going to increase more as of this week. Three to four times a week Mia and I will be making trips out to any of the local dog parks for walking. By the way when you hit the walked 3 mile mark with Mia she will lay down in the parking lot by the first car that seems to resemble Mom's. The goals of training are going to be to break Mia of feeling she is Mom's protector who needs to punish Trinity for anything she does wrong. Wow that is one heck of a goal! Basically it is to get Mia to feel that she has an important job here in the house that doesn't require her to use those teeth of hers. For our first time out I really was very proud of her because she did a great job. I learned new ways to get her attention when she is so focused on something she doesn't need to be, a few new ways of correcting her behavior. I also heard the words from Ms. L that she really believes that Mia is so willing to please her Mom that she will learn these new things rapidly and calm will return to house with both dogs. Great words for me to hear really.
Now since I have a goal for both Mia and myself here this week I need to get moving. I think the dog park and the mile long walk around it is calling for us, and for us to do at least the laps around. I hope that everyone has a great start to the week.

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