Friday, April 10, 2009

Finding things in the desert

IMG_4571, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Yesterday was an enjoyable adventure out in the desert. Well except for the part where Josephine and I stumbled across an illegal campsite. Since I live in very southern Arizona and only about maybe 30 miles from the Mexican border, I think you can figure out just what kind of illegal campsite I'm talking about. Back packs, water bottles scattered around, and Josephine and I getting back in the truck very quickly. Because fun is fun, but not knowing just who and how many may be watching from behind all of the brush in the area is just not fun at all.
Just to keep you up to date on the names Napoleon and Josephine are Army Guys parents that are out here for the winter months and Binky Sue's graduation in May.

Anyway, they took me out yesterday to show me some very cool locations to shot pictures. Some I knew of and have planned on getting out to but just hadn't gotten to them yet. Others I never would have thought of. It was a beautiful day weather wise here, and getting out of the truck to walk for the different pictures was great.

Today the girls are out of school for a long weekend because of the Easter holiday, which is probably a good thing since all three of them seem to be exhausted this week. We are heading out to visit with their grandparents for a little bit at some point in time today if they ever get up and moving. (My girls...not their Grandparents) Other than that I think the plan and hope is just for a calm semi laid back kind of weekend here.
I hope that everyone has a great weekend spent with all of the people that you love.

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