Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tiny Fast Feathers

IMG_4681, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Tiny fast feathers of humming birds from down at the San Pedro. I love these birds and the challenge of photographing them while in motion. I also love that they will keep returning once you have gotten into place and are staying very still and quite. The fact that you can hear the buzz of them in flight help to let you know just when they are returning and need to have the camera ready to go.

Once again it is time to head over to visit Steve and Pickle for the week, and all of the great animals that gather for a visit.

Feline, Furball, plus Feathers Friday

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Suzanne R said...

What a neat shot! I would love to get a picture of a hummingbird but they don't seem to come around my place. I'll try to remember what you said about capturing them via the camera if I ever get the opportunity!