Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sibling Sunday

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The school year is nearing an end and boy is the calendar filling up with dates to remember in the month of May. Heck the month of April is filling with dates to remember. Let's catch up to date on each of the siblings.

Little Bug is happy to see the AIM's testing finally done, after it took much longer than it should have. She has 20 days till the 8th grade prom, and 24 days till her 8th grade graduation. In between those dates there is a choir concert, a possible awards night, and heaven only knows what else the school can come up with to toss out at us. Little Bug has been in what can only be called a 13 year old mood for much of the last couple of weeks. Mopey and moody are the name of the game, and after watching both of her sisters before her, she has it down to an art form really. I love the age where nothing makes them happy, and you really know that you have reached that age when spending a day at the mall wandering around and seeing a movie with parents money but without parents along doesn't even bring a smile to their face. When you hear the words " was okay" with very little emotion, you are so there!

Sweetpea is...well she is just my Sweetpea. For anyone that knows her she is just very level and likes it that way. She can't wait for the last 23 days of school to be done and over with, but isn't so sure about being a senior next year. Sweetpea is also the only child that isn't adding to the ever growing list of calendar dates, and is very proud in pointing that out. I wish there was more, but Sweetpea just likes that low profile to much to give me anything more to talk about.

Binky Sue! Wow just where to start with her is the biggest question. Her count down to last day of school is 20 and 24 days till graduation. She is adding days to the calendar at record speed really. She has received a grant to attend the local community college which she also received her acceptance letter this week for. We have gotten all of her FAFSA paper work done, she will be taking her placement test this coming Tuesday and then sitting down with a counselor. She has been pretty much stalking the mail box hoping for letters about any of the many scholarships that she put in for. On top of that she has been busy interrogating her teachers to find out just who put her name in for a honor recognition award. (This is no joke, she literally was interrogating them till she found out the name of who did it. Chocolate was the down fall of the English teacher, and she gave up the name.) Binky Sue has also been very busy with projects and the final push of the teachers on those that are seniors.

We have announcements to get ready for mailing, a final picture for her party invitations and a printing to get done. There is a calendar filled with important dates to keep track of, and me hoping to figure out just how to stop the checking account from bleeding to death before graduation. Well, I think that is more than enough for this sibling update. I hope that everyone has had a good weekend so far and that today is spent with those that you care about the most. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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