Sunday, September 28, 2008

Silly Sibling Sunday

Silly Girls, originally uploaded by torri_g.

You would never guess we had the week that we did if you had watched these three in action with each other today. Sweetpea was the only one that didn't need to be picked up from school, make a trip to the clinic, or to the ER this week. Since she started off the month of September I guess her sister's felt the need to end the month.

Binky Sue's pain faded like everyone thought it would. Little Bug's seizures ended and she rebounded the way that I prayed she would. We have to go get some blood work done for her tomorrow...but I haven't told her that yet.(If you ever had to deal with her for it, you wouldn't tell her in advance either!)

With our crazy week over, I'm hoping for some peace to set into the house this week. Army Guy is on leave most of the week, and I'm hoping to be able to just chill out with him for those days of leave. There really isn't to much more for this week, so I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Sunday filled with lots of laughs, and silliness. Here is hoping that this week will be a much calmer, slower paced week.

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