Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh Little Bug

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Two more months till Little Bugs next appointment with neurologist and we seem to be racking up a laundry list of things here. This is little girls 5 time having to be picked up early from school, and starting to concern the school nurse and myself. They are starting like nothing more than a possible migraine headache, and then quickly moving into something much more than that. As I'm sitting here typing and watching her I'm seeing the all to familiar movements of seizure activity while she is sleeping. Only good thing about them being while she is sleeping is that she will not now what went on and start to worry about seizures.

My thoughts here are that come her appointment in November I need to push Dr. OCD into listening to me again. It has been 3 years since her last MRI and nearing 2 years since her last EEG, and I think like it or not it is time for both of those to be done again. Oh joy...just the thought of trying to get Dr. OCD to agree to anything is such a wonderful thing...NOT!

Good thing about these episodes of her's they have been fast and her rebound time is record setting times really. The bad news is that with today's round I'm starting to feel that Mother's worry that hits with this. The worry of why suddenly we are seeing this happening. Till November though we watch, and keep track and so do the people at the school. Dr. OCD never likes when I show up with the list of what all has gone on here and what the people at the school have seen, it usually means that I'm going to stand my ground with him and not let him just blow her off. Awe...let's all feel bad for the doctor now. Alright now that this has taken me forever to type up since I've been watching her and amount of time for this round, I hope that everyone has had a great Wednesday, and I'm off to write down today's info.

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