Thursday, September 11, 2008

Construction of new things

New construction, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Since I had two years to be able to show the destruction of old housing here on base, last week when they finally started the new construction I figured I could show that now. I'm thinking maybe a weekly shot of it is in order because they seem to be moving at very high speed with the construction of these. The first two are now to the point where they have their wood tops on and are solid. The crane is done near new house 7 lifting the rafter beams up. They have even worked during the rain that we have been having this week.

Today seems to be a day of lots of thoughts of things for me here. Thoughts of Army guy being home with family for his Uncle's funeral today. Thoughts of my father's birthday today and him being gone, which I will admit is probably the first time that has happen. Of course there is lots more, but I'll spare you listing them all out. I hope that today everyone can find something to smile about. Show someone that you love and care about them. Have a good day.

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