Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quiet Week

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Having a quiet week here this week, and enjoying every minute of so far. Army Guy took leave for four days of this week for our 19th wedding anniversary, and to finish using up his use or lose leave days for the year. Yesterday was a perfect anniversary as far as I'm concerned. Binky Sue's gift to Mom & Dad was sending us out for breakfast, and the rest of the day was spent just relaxing with each other catching up on those endless conversations. I'm finding that with each year that we draw closer to the 20 year mark there is a "WOW" factor that runs through my mind. As I'm sitting here typing this morning the words of a friend are running through my mind..."I can see you two sitting on your front porch, holding hands waiting for the girls, and grand babies to get there for a big holiday dinner." We aren't to the point of grand babies yet, and hopefully still have a few more years before that stage of life gets to us, but Army Guy you are still the only one that I want to be holding hands with waiting for anything!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a quiet, peaceful week.

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