Thursday, September 25, 2008

No dull moments this week

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There is no such thing as a dull moment in the house this week. Two of the three girls have been seeing to it that Mom and Dad are being kept on their toes here. Binky Sue started it (yes I think I'm going to place blame this week...alright just kidding) she came into my room at 0500 Tuesday morning crying about being in so much pain. Of course hearing those words any Mother will fly up out of bed. The pain was localized and right in the area of either her appendix or right ovary. By the way a very good question from Binky Sue for all of the Mother's of the world...why is it we hear the words I'm in pain Mom and we either touch, push, or ask them to move whatever it is that hurts? Anyway, I was lucky enough to get on the phone at 0730 and get an appointment for her at 0750, which of course meant flying through the house to get ready and out the door in less than 3 minutes. Exam, blood work, X-rays, clinic computers being down, two hours later no real answers other than it isn't this, this, or this and how about we let you go home and get her settled in her comfy bed and we will call you later once all of the tests come back. Oh but just in case it is an appendix going hot lets do an all clear liquid diet, and one more thing it could be cysts on the ovary. Alright so back home and sit and wait for a phone call which takes till just about 1500 (3:00 pm) to finally come in. "Well we are sure it really isn't this, this, or this it looks like it is something to do with the ovary, but we have this great idea for a last ditch try." Boy did Binky Sue not like this one! The dreaded last ditch rule out? Let's do a laxative to make sure that it isn't anything with that causing the pain. Thought is if the pain goes away with using it then we have our answer, if the pain stayed we would know that we needed to have abdominal ultrasound done to take good look at the ovary. Now here is the really good part of being Mom. Look at your 17 year old child who is in pain already because of something going on in her body that you don't have an answer for just yet...who hasn't had anything real to eat in over 20 some hours and is having hunger pains now also..and tell them that you are going to give them a laxative which is going to cause gas pains. It quickly turned into one of those days where being the Mom was not such a great job. The last ditch try didn't work and we did end up having more tests done yesterday to finally find the real cause of all of it. It is a swollen ovary, which we are now in a holding pattern for one more day to see if the pain goes away on it's own.(Please let it go away on it's own!) Basically other than the pain that she is having she is fine...well other than seeming to be very irritated with adult type people this week. Binky Sue insisted on making the return to school today, I think to avoid her Mom asking her a million more times about the pain, and I thought today might be a calmer day. WRONG!!

Little Bug had to throw her hat into the ring for making life interesting! Imagine my surprise when the phone rang at 0800 this morning and it is the middle school nurse informing me that Little Bug had collapsed while entering the school building this morning and had a seizure. (I think it is time for me to start sleeping in my clothes this week so that I don't have to fly through the house trying to find things.) Oh but not just any small type seizure here today for her...oh heavens no! She went full blown, five minutes long, weakness, the whole nine yards for this one. By the way dead zones in a building are really annoying when you are trying to make a call to get Daddy of child to meet you at home and help get a child into the house. A quick piggy back ride into the house and Daddy is back out the door because he has to get back to work and Mommy quickly realizes that Little Bug is going for another round of seizure, five minutes later it ends, and then repeat. Hmmm...I know it has been two years since the last time we had to use Ativan...but where in the world is that bottle? I remember where it please let this work. Good news is that Little Bug has now been sleeping for a couple of hours because the Ativan that hasn't been needed for two years did work. Bad news is that I need to call and fight to get a new prescription of it, and I know beyond a doubt that something has changed and is going on. Which means the fight with Dr. OCD is going to happen. The other bad is that odds are Little Bug is going to spend a good share of time sleeping here today and when she does wake up, she is probably going to be very sore from the one heck of a work out that she had with the seizures here today. I'm going to hope and pray that there will be no more because I'm sure she has had more than enough.

I know this post is running really long here today, but give me this one time to just get a little bit of stress off of my chest here. The old empty playground last week called out to me to have a picture of it, and today I think it is the most fitting photo for this entry. There is no playing going on this week, life is moving way to fast to take time to play. I do hope that this week isn't moving at such high speed for everyone, and maybe come this weekend things will calm down some here in this house.

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