Thursday, September 4, 2008

To irratated to blog

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Every now and then you just don't have many nice things to say, and it is usually a good idea to just be quiet. That is pretty much what has happened to my blogging since last Friday. It is the tons of little things that get with you quicker than the big things in life and the little things started adding up quickly.

Alright let me play some catching up here:

Sweetpea- All test came back looking fine so doctor went with calling it muscle strain and said to give it another week and all should be fine. Hmm...tomorrow is the end of that yet another week and guess what? It isn't fine...actually it is still hurting just as much as when we were in last week. I guess that means that we will get to play the game with the doctor all over again. Gosh if that doesn't just make a person happy I really don't know what will. Now I know that I'm not a doctor, but there are some things that I do know and no matter how long I live I will never like being treated like I'm an idiot by anyone!

Wow! Already irritated yet again by this topic. I think I will move on to other things instead.

Half way through the first quarter here for school and progress reports are due out next week already. If I get around to either scanning or taking a picture of what Miss Binky Sue did, I have a funny post to make about her. Speaking of my Miss Binky Sue, she seems to be going through a very emotional time with this year. Our conversations seem to be leaning more and more to fears of what's next. It isn't that she doesn't want it, she just wants the year to go a little slower.

Little Bug is doing well, but has had a couple of early home from school days because of getting slammed with...well not really sure just what. One episode I can say was seizure activity, she doesn't get that incoherent without a seizure going on. The other episode, I really don't know what that one was, which is kind of a bothersome thing for me. Little Bug has shown in the last four years that things with her will change very suddenly, and leave everyone trying to figure it out. Her next neurology appointment is in November, and we have to get blood work done prior to that, and in the mean time we just keep track of what all is going on. But the good thing is that I get to deal with Dr. OCD who will just really treat me like I'm an idiot who knows nothing! you think I might be having some real issues with people treating me like I'm an idiot? Nah...that can't be it.

Alright since there really isn't much else for me to talk about without getting into a real crabbing kind of mood here, I hope that everyone is having a good week, and I will try to get back into some more regular posting.

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