Friday, September 5, 2008

If you didn't want to love me...why did you get me?

Sad puppy, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I have a rule when photographing things that I don't shot pictures of things in other people's yards. If it is my yard it is fair game, in a public area in the housing area it is more than fair game unless it is a child of course. This little girl though as of this morning since I know that I am the only one that has spoken to her or spent time outside with her, even if it was while I was out with my own dogs, her face is through the fence into my yard which makes it more than enough fair game for me to shot a picture of her. I know her name is Hanna or however it might be spelled. She is maybe four to five months old, oh so very cute and just oh so very sad. She is an outside all the time dog and in the last couple of weeks no one comes out to play with her. Well, except for Trinity, Mia and myself on our daily million trips out to the back yard. I noticed this week that every time me and one of my puppy girls make a trip out the door, little miss sad come bounding out showing just how very happy she is to have company out there. It isn't just when I have the dogs out there that she is happy. I have stepped outside to take pictures of construction going on across the way on new housing and little miss sad has made if very clear that she would just so love some attention. I think it is the rolling around in the grass to her back looking at me with that look of "Please rub my tummy" that is getting to me. She has food, she has water, she I believe has a small shelter over there in her yard. When she first came home she had lots of love and attention, and in the last couple of weeks there just hasn't been any. Looking at her this morning I can't help wondering if the thought going through this little girls mind is "If you didn't want to love me...why did you get me?"

It is Feline and Furball Friday time over with Steve and Pickle. If you want to play along just post your own and then leave a link in comments. I will even try to make sure that I get a link posted to take you over to their blog this week.
Steve & Pickles Feline and Furball Friday

I hope that everyone has a great weekend, and remember to show your fur babies just how very much you love them.

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Cuidado said...

That is so sad. Animals need love and attention and will give it back in triplicate.