Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trying to rebound this week

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I'm not sure what hopes I had for this week, but I can sure say I don't think a cold was anywhere near the top of my list. I know it seems to be a pretty standard thing for when the kids return to school, but geez every tradition can be broken at some point in time right? Alright so maybe this tradition will just have to wait to be broken. The painful soar throat has given way to coughing fits, and the thought of "Is it really possible for one's head feel that stuffed up?" I'm most happy about the fact that the fever part didn't hang around to long, I still have a Little Bug that doesn't like when Mommy puts the kiss and hug ban in effect in this house. Unlike her sisters who get right into the air hugs and blown kisses, she still wants the up close snuggle. Which is a wonderful thing, but during times of colds I don't think so! Sadly enough though the ban didn't do enough to keep Little Bug from coming home yesterday looking about how I have felt this week, and by last night she too was wondering about how is it possible to be so stuffed up? Binky Sue and Sweetpea have made it very clear that they are going to hide till the all clear is sounded, and Army Guy went and stocked up on cold medicines. Of course he made sure to point out all of the stuff that he got with the not so subtle hints of take this now! Ah to feel the love...from across the room right now of course. I wonder if they are making plans to confine me in some small hidden "clean room"? Oh wait, no that isn't going to happen because there are still meals that need to be cooked. Thank goodness for being a good cook or this Mom would be shuffled off into to a hidden spot till the cold was gone.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and be on the look out for this cold because it comes out of no where and takes you down fast.

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