Thursday, August 28, 2008

Strange week

This week is going nothing like I was hoping for, but they usually don't so I'm not surprised by that. My only hope for this week was to be able to get out and about to take pictures. No joke it has rained every day this week! Maybe next week will be good week for getting out to try for pictures. Sweetpea livened things up this week with her arm that has been hurting off and on for a couple of weeks, it went to hurting all the time horrible pain, and her not having the ability to use it. What we do know:
  • It isn't broken
  • It isn't bruised
  • We have another follow up Friday morning for blood test results and where we go next with figuring out just what is going on with her arm

In the mean time Sweetpea has been trying to adjust to having no use of her left arm, and a sever pain running through her arm at pretty much all points in time. The only good news for me last night was the pain coming down just a little bit for her and seeing her be able to move her left arm a little bit without passing out from the pain. Which this week is a very huge deal.

For just a little more added fun yesterday the AC unit broke. Now thank goodness because of all the rain we have had the temperatures are staying pretty low for August. Have only hit highs in the mid 80's most of this week, humidity has been up at about 90-100%, but if there isn't going to be a running AC this is a good week for it. The bad side of it is with the rain comes lots of creepy crawling things trying to find a dry place to hide. Well when you have to have windows and doors open for air they love your house! Since discovering the loss of the AC yesterday afternoon and opening up windows to try to keep house as cool as I can, I have killed 4 huge spiders and a countless number of other smaller bugs that found their way into the shelter of the house. By the way every animal that lives in this house is fired! They don't kill, they don't chase, they just don't do anything but sit and stare at the bugs. One even dared to run the oppisite direction from one last night. I think their thoughts are that Mom has shoes and that is just what they are for.

The good news is that someone will be out today to take a look at what is going on with the airconditioner and hopefully will be able to get it fixed today. The scary thought is that last year when this happened it took them two days to get the part in that they needed. Unless I'm just not going to sleep for the next couple of days there is no way I can leave these window open past sunset because of the flow of bugs right now. Ewww bugs!! So join me in hoping that it is something that they have parts for today to fix.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and I will post more about Sweetpea after her appointment tomorrow or if I should happen to get a call today (so not holding my breath). Enjoy your Thursday!

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