Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sibling Sunday

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This weekend has found everyone in this house chilling out. The first week of school, count downs to the end of school year have already begun and I'm hearing the complaints about the tons of little things that no one is happy about. Ah the school year...thank goodness tomorrow is Monday and time for them to head back for another week.

Binky Sue is finding herself very bored with her very light load of classes this year. I would guess after loading up so heavy for the last three years and then suddenly only having 3 homework giving classes would be difficult to adjust to. I think having 2 study hall/teachers aide is the part that is boring her the most. Binky Sue has been so driven for so many years now, she just doesn't seem to know how to kick into a slower gear for this year. She has actually been bored enough this week and weekend that I have heard her begging her sisters to let her help them with any homework that they might have. I'm glad that she has such drive, but I'm hoping that Binky will find a way to relax and just enjoy this final school year.

Sweetpea is off and running with her year with complaints of the opposite, she has full load of classes and tons of home work. She does however seem to be going with the attitude of getting it done that she started last year in the second semester. I'm still hopeful that it will stay that way and maybe this year I will not have to have any talks about why she needs to do that home work.

Little Bug had a great first short week. I think it was perfect because I didn't get any phone calls from the school nurse. Don't laugh, the last couple of years I swear the nurse has had me on speed dial within the first couple of hours of the start of school. Little Bug is enjoying her classes and teachers that refer to her as the "Third G Girl". For Little Bug I'm hoping for the year that she wants so very much. I know if she puts her mind to it she can have whatever kind of year she wants.

This week Army Guy heads back to work and that is going to find me alone with animals during the day. Probably going to be an odd feeling to be here alone after so many months of having kids and then hubby around. But I am kind of looking forward to it for at least the first part of the week.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend, and that there is a good week ahead for all of us.

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