Thursday, August 14, 2008

It is a tuff choice

It is a tuff choice here today...sit inside in the cool but have runny nose, sneezing and coughing fits that take my breath away. Or sit outside on the front patio where it is warm and muggy because of all night and all day rain, but be stuffed up with no sneezing and coughing. I've picked to sit outside for right now with the laptop, were for the first time today I'm neither sniffling or having to try and catch my breath from my latest coughing fit. Sweetpea on the other hand can not come out here and join me like she wanted to because housing sent mowers around today to mow the waist high wild grass of the ravine area. Although I'm not so sure just how much they mowed vs flattened down because of the amount of water that I could see standing out there. Oh well though because they messed up and mowed the area right outside our fence line which means less to try to get through this weekend so Army Guy should be happy.

I'm going to be happy when I can finally get rid of this cold. I'm tired of this great big alergy attack feeling that I have going on and would really like to be able to sit in my house in the cool instead of the muggy, but I'm trying not to complain.

I hope that everyone is have a great Thursday and looking forward to the coming weekend.

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