Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh Hail!

I know second post for the day, but I didn't want to miss having pictures of our hail storm this evening. The storm had been building most of the afternoon, and the rain from it was impressive oh and still going. But the hail part of it was the most impressive for here in Arizona. We have seen hail in the last four years of living out here, but never as big and for as long as we did tonight. Funny thing was there was no national weather service warnings till after the first and worst part was over us and on it's way towards Pima county. I guess we are far enough south in the state that it doesn't matter all that much if we get caught off guard by a sever thunderstorm. Tonight going out the dogs were trying to figure out just what was going on with all the piles of ice laying everywhere in the back yard. No Trinity and Mia you are not dreaming, and no it isn't winter time yet we have ice here.
Alright I think it may be time to shut down the computer again because there seems to be more rolling in. Everyone have a great safe night.

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