Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sibling Sunday...lagging behind

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This past week flew by like no other of the summer vacation but was a wonderful week. We made it out to a couple of the canyon area's which have lots of water flowing through creeks and washes. The girls enjoyed the hiking we did, and watching for all of the little critters that are hanging out in the area. Of course when you have a hot morning hike going on and you come across a large wash filled with water you just have to take your shoes and socks off and play in the water for a while. Binky Sue enjoyed splashing everyone with the very cold water. I took tons of pictures from our day of hiking and I'm very happy with the pictures that I got and have for posting this week.

This week has also been filled with Binky Sue voicing her thoughts about entering her senior year of high school. The thing I have been hearing from her is that she doesn't want to do it. She would like to just hold on to this summer which she has deemed as the last summer of her childhood. According to her she just isn't ready for what lies at start of this school year...the final journey towards entering the adult world. I'm sure this will pass but right now you can see the thoughts of whats to come weighing on her.

Sweetpea on the other hand has an enthusiasm about starting this school year that I have never seen with her. There is a real confidence about her that I'm so happy to see. It is the outward projection of confidence that we are not all that used to seeing with her. Up until this summer it was just an inward quiet confidence that she had, not caring to stand out, or caring if anyone heard her. Look out everyone, that Sweetpea seems to be gone, and the new Sweetpea is making it clear that things have changed.

Little bug, well she is just Little bug. She has always looked forward to the first day of school. I think it has something to do with the shopping that happens for it. Her hopes are for a good strong 8th grade year, the last of her middle school years. Her biggest hope is for this to be the year that the Epilepsy stays at bay and she can stay out of the nurses office. Alright so that isn't her biggest hope, that is my biggest hope for the coming school year. Little bugs biggest hope is to make a return to the straight A student who gets tons of awards, that she used to be.

Mom here is happy that her evil plan of starting back to school shopping in June just a couple of weeks after they got out of school, worked out so very well this year. Making the trip out this weekend to get the short list of socks, shoes, two haircuts, backpack and a few other things made life so much easier and quicker since it seemed like the whole town was out shopping in a last minute frenzy. Or stuff took us to area's of the stores that just were not all that busy, which I personally loved.

Well, I think this is more than long enough for a Sunday. I hope that everyone had a good week, and that there is a good week getting ready to start for all of us. I'll be back this week with picture's from out trip out to the canyon's. Have a great Sunday!

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