Friday, August 15, 2008

They are all MY toys!

MiaTrinity, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The fun of having more than just one animal is much like the fun of having more than just one child. You reach whole new levels of head in hands wondering what in the world. If you are really lucky though you will get to sit and wonder why, while shaking your head in amazement. It has been that kind of week with the dogs...wait it has been like that with every animal in this house this week, but I'm just going to post about the dogs. Trinity and Mia have toys, lots of chew toys. Try walking through this house in the morning and not hurt yourself on one or more of them, I dare you! They have toys based on their sizes and they seem to understand just what toy is for who in this house. Now there are lots of fun games that get played with the toys in this house, like Mia taking her sisters bones to chew on because she knows how very upset it is going to make her. Trinity will pile up Mia's toys and lay on them while she chews on her own just to frustrate the little dog. The best game though is Trinity hiding all of Mia's toys and then laying down with all of her own toys around her. You wouldn't think that it would take all that long to find toys hidden in this house because it just isn't all that big, but man Trinity can hide those things! When he toys have been hidden by big sister Mia goes into her way cute puppy routine. Rolling around on the floor looking up at her sister, basically begging her to share her toys with her because Mia's are gone and she can't find them. Usually it ends up with a fight because Mia will just start stealing Trinity's toys when she realizes that they are not going to be shared willingly, but before that happened I managed to get a couple pictures of the cute routine. I'm sorry Mia but Trinity just still isn't falling for it, I guess Mommy is going to have to do the grand search for your toys again today.

It is time again for Feline and Furball Friday! So if you want to play along, just post your own entry and leave a link in comments. I will come back later today to post the link over to Steve and Pickle. I hope that everyone has a good day, and a great start to the weekend.

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