Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to school in full swing

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Today is the day! All girls are back to school. Little bug was a bundle of nerves before heading out the door here this morning. Having had kids at the middle school here for the last 4 years, we know all of the teachers and she knows the ones that she is hoping to get for her 8th grade year. She was a little upset about the fact that one of our favorites moved on from the middle to being principal at a school in town. A wonderful move for him and we wish him the best of luck, but as an English teacher he will be missed by younger siblings that have heard the stories about what fun he was to have as a teacher.

Our final shopping trip was made last night for the feared art supplies for Sweetpea. The only reason I fear it so much is not because of the price of the supplies, although being able to find them cheaper would be great thing, it is finding the things on the list. Living in such a small town area it is sometimes difficult due to being limited with only so many place to look. We got very lucky though and were able to find everything and then some this year. Of course the hard bound sketch books were found at the last place I thought we would find them and were a case of me just happening to look down at the right place. I got smart and signed up for reward cards finally since I'm sure much like years past, we are going to be making at least once a month trips for art supplies.

Senior year is off and running for Binky Sue with projects that are due by Thursday of this week. Very first day back and come yesterday evening she was shut in her room getting them done already. She also started her count down for the school year. There are 172 days till she is done, and 180 days till graduation.

Army guy is on leave this week, which has long been a tradition for us . Take the week that they head back off so that he can help with any last minute errands, and then be able to spend time with each other after they start. The thought was to head out for breakfast this morning, but I think that will happen tomorrow instead since I'm enjoying the quiet of the house here right now. I have to be honest, I love the start of the new school year for the quiet it brings to the house during the day, but love when they all get home filled with their loud stories about the school day. Oh and Sweetpea's tales about "one time in art class" are just to funny, and after yesterday I think we are adding tales about a French exchange students that all the girls just find so "dreamy".

I hope that everyone has a great Wednesday, and tomorrow I will get back to posting pictures from our trip out the canyons last week. Butterflies, flowers and creek waterfalls.

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Mom of 5 Gents said...

Enjoy your quiet moments and getting to be at the crossroads when they come home again. I can't believe your girls are back to school already! The gents go back on the 21st.