Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It begins

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The 2008-2009 school year begins today for Binky Sue and Sweetpea. The sounds of a not so happy Binky Sue started at about 0500 this morning, and quickly included the excited but scared sounds of Sweetpea. Right now as I type this they should be making their way to the school and all of the insanity that is going to be the first day. In past years the first couple of hours of the first day were reserved for just the freshman class, give them a couple of hours to learn the layout and not have to deal with the total crushing amount of kids. This year they took that away, and since both of mine are upper class men I did hear conversation about looks on faces as the freshmen first entered the school today. I know both of my girls will be kind and helpful if it is asked of them.

Today is Little bugs last day of summer vacation, and all signs point to the fact that she is going to totally love being the only child home today. I'm also happy that her transition from summer hours back to school year hours has gone very smoothly, and seeing that she is up already this morning means that tomorrow there should not be any issues getting her up and around for school.

So my own thoughts here this morning...180 days and Binky Sue will graduate, Sweetpea will obtain her senior year status, and Little bug will be making her transition to the high school as part of the poor freshman class for next year. I'm not really sure just where the time has gone, but boy did it fly. By September I will have Binky Sue's senior portraits ready to be sent out to family and friends, so if you haven't picked favorites yet there is still some time. Anyone who cant pick, Binky Sue has finally picked two that she will be using for that situation.

I hope that everyone has a great Tuesday.

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