Sunday, November 23, 2008

What is it? Sibling Sunday is what it is!

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Since ordering Binky Sue's announcements, cap and gown, there has been a debate going on under this roof about a couple of things. First and foremost was what in the world her class motto was about. I mean in the whole scheme of class motto's this one just struck me as...well it struck me as a lot of things most of which I'm not going to even bother typing here. At first Binky Sue thought it was pretty cool, but fast forward a week and she too is wondering "Couldn't anyone come up with something better?" After much checking we find out that the senior student body actually had nothing to do with the creation of the class motto, the school faculty did. Now I know there have been a lot of things that have changed since I was a senior in high school 20 years ago, and I have learned to deal with the things that used be but are no more. However, when I was thinking that it was the students that had picked this, I didn't understand it but I could see it because it is a group of 17/18 year old's trying to come up with a way define themselves. Knowing now that it was chosen by the teachers and administrators, I'm viewing it as a virtual slap in the face to each one of the 600+ seniors at that school. This accompanied by the fact that the day of ordering caps and gowns the students were being encouraged to decorate their caps with writing and other decoration prior to the graduation ceremony by the school staff, leaves me with a very bitter taste in my mouth.(Oh wait that taste may have something to do with the really bad words that came flying out of my mouth upon hearing this!)

My question would be does the school think so little of these kids that it is okay to set the bar so low that a baby could crawl over it? Let's play down the momentous mile stone that each one of the senior student body will achieve come May. Instead let's make it take on the look of a three ring circus side show act and we can all just say "It is what it is!" I know that a good share of the student body was thrilled to hear about the allowed decorating of caps and the ability to come dressed that night as they would any other day of the school week, including my Binky Sue. I however being the mean Mom that I have always been, and will always be said "NO!" Actually I said a lot more than that but once again not even going to type that all out here. Binky Sue at first was of course mad at me about it, but after thinking about it this week she is more upset with the school for setting a standard so very low. "It is what it is" is slowly being viewed as a slap in the face of every bit of hard work that has been put into making it to this soon to be mile stone of her life.

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