Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T'was the night before

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T'was the night before Thanksgiving,
when all through the house,
All creatures were stirring,
thank goodness there Not a mouse!
The pies are all cooling on the cabinet with care,
In hopes that Mom would not pull out her hair.

Alright so that is as far as I'm going to go with that little poem here tonight. Pie baking turned into a need for a major clean up in the oven because of a butter milk pie that didn't seem to want to stay in the pan or bake right. They are done though and I'm so thankful right now that the plan was just for two pies, because I really don't think that I could find it in me bake anymore. After sending ranch dip mix flying all over myself I also think I'm going to skip trying to chop up and veggies for trays. I live with the thought that as long as things go kind of crazy the night before Thanksgiving, all will turn out just about perfect the day of. Good grief after tonight I sure hope so, or my very favorite holiday is going to find me hiding in a corner crying.

I hope that everyone is ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and that today and tonight's prep doesn't leave any of us bald. I'm sure tomorrow night I will be back with a post about what everyone is thankful for this year and of course a picture of the turkey and the reveal of what it's name is this year. Until then have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and enjoy the time spent with those you love.

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