Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

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Cooking, eating, cleaning, what a day it has been. Another Thanksgiving is nearing an end and the count down to Christmas is in full swing. Before that though let me take time to once again tell the story about the naming of the Thanksgiving turkey. It is something that the oldest two girls came up with when they were just little, and for whatever the reason, it has become as much of a yearly tradition as any of the food that gets cooked. This year it was Little Bugs year to name the turkey and I'm proud to introduce Gibby. Gibby was a great turkey to work with this year even though his size was huge, a tender and more juicy bird I don't think we have had in a few years. There will be tons of leftover eating going on tomorrow and Army Guy is on for cooking come Saturday because I think I am going to need a couple of days off.

I had the girls write a quick couple of thankful for things for this entry here tonight because I couldn't remember everything that they had said earlier.

Binky Sue is thankful for, family, food, almost being done with school, and music. She also wrote that she is thankful that her Dad didn't fart right in front of her tonight like he was threatening to do.(They are soooo very sweet in this house.) She is also thankful for clothes, and having a "job" that she loves doing.

Sweetpea is thankful for, her family, the things that she has, the food that we eat, school (mostly teachers & art).

Little Bug is thankful for, family, love in the house, friends, songs, pets. The fact that my Mommy can't read my writing, but most of all people who have loved me the most...Mommy and Daddy.

I'm thankful for being done trying to read Little Bugs hand writing here tonight. Alright now for real, I'm thankful for all of my girls and the laughs they have given me over the last year, they far out weigh any tears or frustration. I'm thankful for my Army Guy and looking forward to all the next year is sure to bring our way. I'm thankful for knowing every day that there are people who love me. I'm thankful for family, I'm thankful for friends, and I'm thankful for another wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sweetpea during her dinner time list said "I am thankful for having what we have, even if others wouldn't think it was a lot, because to me it is the best and most important that everything I have is because of being loved, and now a days it seems like a lot of people don't have enough of that." I may not have all of the words just right, but I don't think that really matters. She spoke words that are very true, and I hope that today everyone felt that whatever they had or were doing, that it was the best and everyone felt loved. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mom of 5 Gents said...

Loved reading this entry and sharing in your Thanksgiving celebration. We missed having you here, but glad you had a wonderful day together there!