Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sibling Sunday with the wild bunch

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With the very long weekend drawing to a close here it is time for the sibling post of the week. What can I really say other than good grief their a wild bunch! Thanksgiving morning turned into a dog pile with the dogs included in the melee. I'm not so sure how much any of them want to head back to school come tomorrow, since it marks the start of the fast paced run to the end of the second quarter of school for them. Which means finals time is in the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. There will be at least one Christmas choir concert to head to for Little Bug, and knowing Binky Sue at this point in time I'm sure there will be a million other little things to keep me busy driving. Sweetpea has what seems to be a fairly large art project that she has started work on over this holiday weekend, which the biggest part of it was hounding her Mom to print what seemed like a million different pictures. I'm sure by later this afternoon I will be hearing the whines about not wanting to go back to school tomorrow from all of them. Then I will get to start the non stop reminding them of they only have a couple of weeks till the Christmas break.
It has been a wonderful long weekend with the wild bunch though. They have all done their part to add tons of laughter to this house which I think is my favorite part of the holidays. I hope that everyone has one more restful day filled with laughter before the new week starts.

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