Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sibling Sunday Playing Catch Up

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I know that I haven't been keeping up on my blog like I usually like to, but life has taken a very busy swing the last couple of weeks. I know I posted about the week that flew away, and this week hasn't been much better. So let's play some catching up on things going on here in Arizona.

Binky Sue-
Is thrilled to tell everyone and anyone that this week brought the final termination of IEP services. All but one section of test scores were in the class of "WOW! That is great!" and the one section that wasn't...well in the whole scheme of things it shows that she has over the years learned ways around needing to score that high in that area. Binky Sue was a little worried about just what they would have to say, and if they were going to make her continue with services, but she got what she has worked oh so many long years for. She is finally free of the need for an IEP!

She has just been going along like she usually does. Nothing much exciting and lots of "One time in Art class" stories. If it were not for meal times, and afternoon break downs of her school day with me, I think in the last couple of weeks Sweetpea might have gone totally unnoticed. She is happy with that though as long as she gets her time to tell me about her day.

Little Bug a.k.a CRASH-
I mentioned in my quick update earlier in the week that last Sunday she feel and bruised her knee and was going to be on crutches for a couple of days. Well fast forward to maybe 24 hours after I typed that and we were back in the ER with Little Bug because her leg was swollen and ice cold. The first thing to rule out was possibility of blood clot, which there isn't one thank goodness, but then they noticed that it isn't just the bruised knee she tore her calf muscle. All of this means on the crutches longer and we have been fighting with her swelling and temperature loss in her leg. First thing tomorrow morning will be time to make a phone call and see about getting her into to clinic to see Dr...AGAIN! My thoughts at this point in time though as long as we are not sitting in the local ER life is good. She was upset though because she had to miss the field trip to Tucson with the choir for festival activities, but crutches and a long day of moving from room to room singing just would not have been a good thing for a leg that wants to be up and resting.

I guess since I'm going I will just add updates about Army Guy and myself on here. Army Guy has the retirement orders that he has been waiting for. Yes that means that the final countdown of time is going. There is a lot to get done between now and then but the ball is rolling and slowly they are going to get checked off of the to do list.(Oh yay...we already know about my list making addiction!)

As for me...well other than feeling like the car and I have merged and become one, I have managed to hold my breath for more than just a couple of things in the last couple of weeks. This week though more than anything else was waiting for results of a suspicious find in my left breast. The worst part was getting good news in the morning on Tuesday, to getting a phone call Tuesday afternoon telling me I needed to come back in Wednesday for more tests. For ten minutes Wednesday while sitting waiting for everyone to go over the films I swear I don't remember taking a breath at all. The good news it wasn't cancer that triggered the scare, I got a great big bold font NEGATIVE for that screening. I do however have a high number of cysts in the nodules, which they have sent the films off to my PCM and Surgeon to see if they would like a FNA done so they can look at what the cells are doing. So here is my PSA for the year your self exams! I found the first area myself, and then that was confirmed by the PCM. Which was actually in the long run a good thing because that is how they found the high number in the nodules. I will say this though, I don't think I want to have another round of holding my breath like that.

Alright, I think this is long enough for a catch up entry. I hope that everyone is enjoying a beautiful weekend with loved ones, and I have hopes of getting back into a more regular posting cycle this week.

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